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Mar 25, 2017 · Volvo turbo looks similar to the K03 or K04 turbo Audi uses. Specs say it runs 6 psi boost. ... Do you know the difference between heel and heal? I do, but my damn ...
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Kinugawa Ball Bearing Turbocharger 4" Anti Surge GTX3071R 60mm w/ .64 T3 V-Band. Kinugawa Ball Bearing Billet Turbo 4" GT3582R Nissan Silvia S13 CA180DET A/R.64.
The previous KKK K03 turbocharger, although fundamentally unchanged, received revisions on the turbine side to prevent cracking due to heat. The 12-valve V6 was replaced by the 30-valve unit which had been available in Europe for two years. A further facelift took place across the A4...Basically, the method behind this design is to spool like a K03, push like a K04, all while being on a K03 body so the turbo really is in between the specs of a K03 and a K04 in terms of performance. Install went well, start up was fine (even after I forgot to turn the engine over without the fuel pump working to flow oil into the new turbo ... My chipped and stock otherwise k03 s4 vs a k04 s4 with a 10secs4 tune.
The OEM k04 turbocharger features a turbo muffler designed to reduce turbocharger sound, but does so at the cost of ultimate performance. Multiple stock and modified runs were conducted and the SAEJ1349 corrected results were averaged together to represent the differences between a...
While the K03 has a "ffffweeeee" sound the K04 has a higher frequency "swsssss" sound. Even with the stock ECU you can hear the K04 at 7 lbs of boost. The K03 with a stock ECU is completely silent at 7 lbs. The K04 whistles like it means business... even at 5 psi. Watch Netflix movies & TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more.
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